Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand is a Metroidvania-style platformer for desktop Web browsers. At the start of the game, you control a yellow pixel that can simply move left, move right, and jump. Soon, you'll find your way to a weapon, and then a double jump, and then a speed boost, and so on. The game is relatively short, but challenging, replayable, and much more complex than the first few rooms suggest. If you would prefer not to play in the browser, a downloadable Windows port is also available.


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Great game.
I spent 4 hours nonstop to beat it on easy level.
I really liked it.

Thanks! Stay tuned for a followup this summer, in a similar style but different game genre.


I'm raped right now I guess.
or at least stuck.
Cause I just got the upgrade for the triple jump that should be somehow activated by pressing d or something. dont get it to work.
didn't read the instruction properly and there's no way to reread it, so I am essentially raped.
cause I dont lknow how to use that new star power and cant read it up again, so I'm stuck forever :-(

okay never mind you can reread messages in the menu.
still doesn't work though.

i press y for the first jump, then press and hold y for the second jump.

now according to the message some third jump or hovering or whatever should happen.
but nothing happens, same result as If i had just tapped y twice for double jump.

so how do i do this? O_o

also your "z" is the "y" key for me (aka the key next to x and c)

nevermind 2.0
one needs to be ins tar mode for it to work.

but a really complicated setup O_o

Thanks for playing! Regarding the QWERTY-US key names, there's no way to reliably detect the real keyboard names in the browser version, and the Windows version was just a quick hack I threw together and I didn't look into keyboard layout detection for it. I might look into it more on the Windows version in the future. Regarding the complexity of hover mode, I'm glad it was something you were able to figure out, and I'm glad you were enjoying the game enough to stick with it. In a larger-scale, more commercially oriented game, I would definitely have some sort of tutorial room for a technique like that instead of just a few text popups.

this really is a cool game, got all the coins and am at the end boss.

but holy shit, that last boss has many forms! :O

Would have been nice if the savepoint wasn't 3 rooms away from the boss though.

got it down to the last form with him only 2 hearts left.
gonna beat him any time soon :-)

Okay, just beat him.
Nice game!

Love metroidvanias like these! :-)