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I am proud of Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand as a free browser game, but I know that, given the opportunity, I can make a bigger, more polished, more professional-quality game in the same style. I am now seeking pre-orders and other support for Hyper Pixel Eleven Thousand. To learn more, go to Please tell your friends about this project, even if you're unable to make a pledge yourself.

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sounds great, if you do end up finishing it, a console port would be cool as controller is already easier in ten thousand, i cant make a pledge as im 12, but i would if i could, as the "you are one pixel" theme is so cool, reminds me of retro games (which i love,) while being modern and original, with the "power mode" being an ability you have to stretch to its full potential to progress, the game also makes the extra collectibles needed, and most require you to do some puzzle to solve, a great mix of game genres, perfect for casual, or intense players, as normal may kill you alot, but easy mode doesnt ruin the game, just makes it more accessible for those who havent played alot of games, and the hard mode is hard for even the most experienced players. I hope this game isnt cancelled, please keep up the amazing work, as for the first game youve made (im assuming as its the first on your itch page) you show alot of understanding for how coding certain elements work, how to add difficulty (without enemy spam so its annoying and theres no way to avoid damage,) how to add progression, how to let the player find out new combos for height or distance, how to get past certain obstacles, how to make things look good without too much effort (retro game syle is epic,) how to stop the player from getting lost, while letting them explore everything for themselves, its linear enough to stop mindless roaming around in search of things, while still making sure the player can go anywhere, its short but sweet, REAALLY sweet, and when you finally get past that hard part, the player wont scream "finally, that was annoying" and then sigh, they say "oooh thats a good strategy, I think im getting better at the game, this is great!" then celebrate. Mr. hyperpixel, I really wish I could support you, but as I said, im only 12, but you deserve the kickstarters you get, and all the support you get from other fans. I only wrote this review now, but ive had it in my head since this came out, im just really disorganized, please forgive me, and I wish you the best.

Sadly, the kickstarter was years ago and completely failed.

that really sucks, ten thousand was such a good game