A downloadable WAD

Sinchester Deathedral is a single-map GZDoom WAD I made for a game jam in 2021. It's a single-level PWAD for use with Doom 2. It's a large map that gradually builds from a pistol start. My best UV 100% completion run took over 20 minutes. It is mostly in the style of a vanilla Doom 2 level, but does use some GZDoom-specific features and probably isn't compatible with any non-GZDoom sourceports.

Install instructions

This WAD requires GZDoom (tested on GZDoom 4.6.1 Windows 64bit), and either the Doom 2 IWAD (recommended) or the Freedoom: Phase 2 IWAD (not recommended, but can be played to completion with no non-cosmetic glitches).



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