Hover Your Own Pixel is a game where the levels are your own pixel art. Use whatever drawing program you like to make a PNG file following a few rules, drag the file into the game loader, and fly around in it using keyboard controls! You'll understand how it works after you look at the video and the demo levels.

Comments are open; if you make a fun level, attach the PNG file in a comment here to share it with everyone!

This game is a free open-source spinoff of Hover-Pixel 384. If you download the source code and know a little Javascript, it's easy to add new animated sprites to the game in addition to the dozens of built-in ones.

This game incorporates some other open-source code; see LICENSE.txt in the download package.


Hover Your Own Pixel.zip (source code) 2 MB

Development log


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Idea is novel and gameplay fun, I enjoyed this!

Thanks! I hope you tried making a level and not just the demos.

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These are the same demo levels you can download from the title screen: